Chemical Engineering Department was first established as "Galatasaray Chemical Engineering Private Academy" in 1964 at Galatasaray, Istiklal Street. The department which moved to Sisli Abide-i Hurriyet Campus afterwards, was nationalised in accordance with the law 625 and it was incorporated into Istanbul State Engineering and Architectural Academy with the law 2337. Thus, Galatasaray Chemical Engineering Private Academy was converted to Galatasaray Engineering Faculty. In accordance with the law 2809 on March 28, 1989; “Yildiz University” was constituted in İstanbul. Chemical Engineering Department served in the Engineering Faculty of Yildiz University till 1992 when the name of the university was changed to Yildiz Technical University. The Engineering Faculty was divided into four different faculties. The Chemical Engineering Department placed under the faculty of "Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering" and continued its education at Sisli Campus till 2000 September. Since then, Chemical Engineering education have been proceeding at Davutpasa Campus.